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Some people are really pack-rats, and I mean that only in the nicest possible way! The website has been sent pictures and printed copies of old programs, but the biggest contributor (so far at least) has been Kathy Mayer. It's a good thing she was paying attention 30 years ago. If you've got more things to post, snail mail them to Wendy or email them to the Webmaster.

Arni is a serious pack-rat also. He has a pile of photos covering the TV Show, St Lambert Days and a pile of other bits and pieces. Now a whole page is dedicated to these photos! If you didn't get to see Arni's pictures at the 2005 Reunion, this is a treat!

The list below shows a number of things that are available for downloading. Most of what you can download is PDF versions of paper documents and JPG files of pictures. Just click on the underlined link to display the file, or right-click and select "Save As..." to store a copy of the file on your PC.  If there's nothing underlined that means I just haven't scanned it yet, come back and try again later. If you do not have the PDF reader, you can get it for free from the Adobe website at: http://www.adobe.com/products/acrobat/readstep2.html

Some pictures are "unknown" - don't know where it is or when it is or even sometimes who it is. If you can fill in any of the blanks, please email the Webmaster.

More Audio

Since the first Reunion some audio tapes have surfaced. Richard Friend had some, and Bob Mitchell had some. Eric Brown has ripped the audio off those old tapes and turned it into nice MP3 files for you. You can download or play the music at our Audio Archives.

Date Title / Description From


 Collage of B&W photos part1 and part 2Alan Blackstock
  St Andrew's Church and Eric made an attempt to recognize everyone. Can you fill in any blanks?
front: Glen (Collins) Bodie, Mike Madden, Eric Brown, Sheila (Reoch) Lang, Chris Billard, Jean Brown, (?), Nancy Hore, Kathy Mayer, (?), Janice Palmer, Meredith Lewis, (the Baptist minister), Judy Gilbert, Debbie Palmer, (?), (Susan Lehmann?), Andrea Smith, (?), Barb Proctor
rear: (Dean Allatt?), Dave Wayman, (?), Brian Pond, Tom Billard, Dave Lortie, Tim Dolla, June Anslow, Marc Baillargeon, (?), (?), (Bill Jaworski?)
Eric Brown
  Some weekend at some farm? Liz, Bob, Jan, Glen, EricGlen Bodie
 Hear & Now Group photo as JPG or as PDFGlen Bodie
 Boyz in da Band photo as JPG or as PDFGlen Bodie
  Some event at Seaway Park maybe?Glen Bodie
  Backyard party at the Blackstock'sGlen Bodie
August 1978Phil & Sheila's wedding, picture #1, #2, #3, #4, #5, #6Glen Bodie
December 1980H&N Reunion Party, picture #1, #2Glen Bodie
1981 and earlierPhoto #1 and #2 (a party in Al's apartment on Nun's Island), #3 (Glen and Al playing), #4 (Tim, Al and Rowena Mallinson, a friend from Britain who hung out with the H&N one summer and even went on one of our weekend camping ventures)Andrea Smith
Sept 2004Mini-reunion in Toronto, picture #1 (Eric), #2 (Glen and Tony), #3 (Phil and Sheila). Where's Wendy???Wendy Gilbert
Newspaper Clippings
  Fêtes St Lambert DaysEric Brown
Summer 1971 Ecumenical Service in Seaway ParkKathy Mayer
1972 Ste. Anne de Bellvue Hospital for VeteransKathy Mayer
1972 Chuckwagon Breakfast ServedKathy Mayer
04 Mar 1973 Shenandoah, Lost and FoundKathy Mayer
10 Apr 1974 John Gravel Automobile Blood Donor ClinicKathy Mayer
Performance Programs
30 May 1971 Baptist Church - Our first performanceKathy Mayer
24 Oct 1971 First Baptist Church, Montreal - included Rev Emrys JenkinsKathy Mayer
21 Nov 1971 Montreal First Church of the NazareneKathy Mayer
19 Dec 1971 Baptist Church - Hear and Now ChristmasKathy Mayer
02 Jan 1972 Mt Bruno United ChurchKathy Mayer
23 & 25 Jan 1972 TV ShowKathy Mayer
13 Feb 1972 St Lambert Baptist + St Andrews PresbyterianKathy Mayer
12 Mar 1972 St Lambert UnitedKathy Mayer
27 Aug 1972 Community Ecumenical ServiceKathy Mayer
22 Oct 1972 St Paul's United Church, Cornwall, OntarioKathy Mayer
19 Nov 1972 TMR Presbyterian ChurchKathy Mayer
14 Dec 1972 St Lambert United - Annual Ecumenical Service - A Gift of MusicKathy Mayer
1972 Candiac United ChurchKathy Mayer
04 Mar 1973 Beaconsfield United ChurchKathy Mayer
26 May 1973 To-Getherness Bash for LionsKathy Mayer
25 Aug 1973 Fêtes St Lambert DaysKathy Mayer
30 Sep 1973 Wyman Memorial United Church, Hudson, PQKathy Mayer
04 Nov 1973 St Barnabas ChurchKathy Mayer
25 Nov 1973 TMR Presbyterian Church - Morning Worship with Hear & NowKathy Mayer
02 Jun 1974 Gracefield Presbyterian Church - Let Us Worship GodKathy Mayer
Gladys, the Newsletter
(Sorry, some are hard to read - do you have a better copy?)
Oct-Nov 1972 Gladys - Volume I - Edition I Interviews: Judy Gilbert, Karen Smith, Bruce Mitchell, Remo MadsenGlen Bodie
Nov 1972 Gladys - Volume I - Edition II Interviews: none this monthGlen Bodie
Dec 1972 Gladys - Volume I - Edition III Interviews: Alison BruceSuzanne Bouchat
Jan 1973 Gladys - Volume II - Edition I Interviews: Dean Allatt, Karen Christie, Ellen Jacques, Marc BaillargeonGlen Bodie
Feb 1973 Gladys - Volume II - Edition II Interviews: Alan Blackstock, Sheila ReochGlen Bodie
Mar 1973 Gladys - Volume II - Edition III Interviews: Bob Mitchell, Debbie PurdieSuzanne Bouchat
Apr 1973 Gladys - Volume II - Edition IV Interviews: Glen Collins, Janice PalmerGlen Bodie
May 1973 Gladys - Volume II - Edition V Interviews: Gerrie McGinnisGlen Bodie
Jun 1973 Gladys - Volume II - Edition VI Interviews: Kathy MayerGlen Bodie
Sep-Oct 1973 Gladys - Volume II - Edition VII Interviews: none this monthGlen Bodie
Nov 1973 Gladys - Volume II - Edition VII Interviews: Ray AloiGlen Bodie
Dec 1973 Gladys - Volume II - Edition IX Interviews: Wendy Gilbert, Brian PondGlen Bodie
Jan 1974 Gladys - Volume II - Edition XIIIGlen Bodie
Feb 1974 Gladys - Volume II - Edition XVGlen Bodie
Mar 1974 Gladys - Volume II - Edition VGlen Bodie
Apr-May 1974 Gladys - Volume II - Edition VIGlen Bodie

Missing any issues in between here - were there any, do you have them?

Jan 1976 Gladys - Volume III - Edition ISuzanne Bouchat
Feb 1976 Gladys - Volume III - Edition IISuzanne Bouchat
Other / Miscellaneous
  Performance History 1971-1976 (may be missing some)Glen Bodie
  Donation EnvelopeKathy Mayer
  Our BookletKathy Mayer
  Our ConstitutionKathy Mayer
07 Feb 1973 Letter from Lion's Club supporting Hear & NowKathy Mayer
02 Mar 1973 2nd Anniversary, Lion's ClubKathy Mayer
09 Mar 1974 3rd Anniversary, Golf ClubKathy Mayer
15 Mar 19754th Anniversary 
03 Apr 1976 5th Anniversary, Golf ClubKathy Mayer
  A nice copy of our Crest, with GIF transparencyGlen Bodie