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I promised you there was a lot of stuff from Arni's photo collection!

Some pictures are "unknown" in terms of the date, place and sometimes even the names. If you can fill in any of the blanks, please email the Webmaster.

Date Title / Description
??? A gaggle of Altos singing somewhere somewhen outdoors
??? Nandrix Coffee House in the basement of St Andrew's Presbyterian Church - anyone remember when this was?
January 1972 TV Show on CBC - the whole group, and again, and again, and again
What is that, a group hug?
Emrys Jenkins, Nancy Hore and Shenandoah
Nancy, the telegenic one, had some speaking lines in the show, more
Shen was pretty telegenic too, and always knew where the camera was
Finally, the serious discussion part of the show - what were they talking about?
Small groups - who knew Arni could sing without a keyboard?
Small groups - Bob at the keyboard, what was Adele singing?
Small groups - remember the flutist, what was Adele singing?
Small groups - there's the flute again, what song was it?
Small groups - and now Eric singing without his axe - something is weird ....
Small groups - same group
There are a number of people in these pictures who, I don't think, were in the H&N for very long after the show. If you remember any of the names, please mail them in!
August 1972 Fêtes St Lambert Days - Seaway Park. I only know the date because it was written on the back of the first picture. Ecumenical Service
a very ecumenical bum
another picture of the service
and the Band was there too
all of them.
Oct 1972 These official group photos were taken for the booklet published by the Lions' Club when we went to Cornwall: the group
the band
the executive
4 Mar 1973 8x10 of the group singing in St Lambert Baptist Church, Image 1 and Image 2, see the article on the Archives page about Shen being lost and found.
August 1974 Fêtes St Lambert Days - Downtown stage. Fortunately the date is on the banner.
another gaggle of altos
an appreciative crowd
the backstage view
Yes - we're listening Bob
then sing it with passion!