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What Else has Happened?

After the first Reunion .... have you had a get together with anyone else in the H&N? Have you got any pictures you'd like to share with the rest of us? Just send me the info and I can either publish a link to where your pictures are stored, or I can store them online here. There is also room for you to tell the story of what happened. Here are the stories so far....

List of Events

Arni's 50th Birthday

McKees Mills, New Brunswick, 23 Sep 2006: Glen and Susan traveled to Moncton for Arni's 50th birthday party but, until we walked up to him, Arni had no idea we were coming. Cathy had kept everything a complete surprise and instead of 6 close friends for dinner there were about 50 people there for a party. The next day we dropped in on the farm again to watch Arni at work. He has horses, sheep, a goat, geese, a duck, chickens, cats and a dog. Here are a few pictures...

The birthday boy You shouldn't have Fashion statement
Just what I needed Feed the sheep Easter dinner
Wrestling A Gaggle "Patches"

Performances at Tom Billard's Church

Tom started out serving at the Kirkwall Presbyterian Church in Kirkwall, Flamborough, Ontario. We did quite a few concerts there for his congregation. Eventually he moved on to the North Bramalea Presbyterian Church in Brampton, Ontario and we moved on with him.

Starting in 2008 a small group got together every year and helped Tom's congregations enjoy a service with appropriately themed music. Here are links to all of these events, usually including things like the order of service, a "recap" writeup from our trusty reporter and some pictures and maybe some video: