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After the Reunion (2005)

Now that it's all over - for 2005 at least - we all have a lot of memories and a lot of digital media.

  • collection of all of the photos that everyone sent in
  • video recordings of our performances
  • audio recordings of our performances
  • and all of our non-digital memories and properties now have known "Keepers"

Please note - all of the media presented here is the copyright of whomever took the picture or recorded the sound or made the film. You really should ask them before you do anything with this media except view if for yourself.

Order your Shirts now!

Here's the latest from Wendy's email:

"I spoke with Bob this weekend and he suggested purchasing a red polo/golf shirt for everyone with the ‘Hear & Now 2005 Reunion’ printed on each shirt. Cost will be $15 each person. We need to know A.S.A.P. your size: Small, medium, large, XL, 2XL, or 3XL.

Please respond to me ASAP or call 416-261-3933 and I will let Bob know. Also those of you, who are not able to attend and would like a shirt, please let me know and your charge will be $20. I will take care of this and after the reunion I will mail out a shirt to all of those interested. The extra $5 will be for the mailing charges. Please send me a cheque to the address listed below.

For those attending, please do not mail me your money; we will take care of that once you receive your shirt at the reunion.

We are also going to ask for an additional $20 from each of you to help with the cost i.e. the piano and other equipment for the band. Money will be collected once you arrive.

Total cost of the reunion will be $35 each.


Reunion scheduled for July 1 -- July 4, 2005 in Montreal.

Thursday, June 30


Rehearsal St. Andrew's Presbyterian Church basement
Friday, July 1
10:00 - 16:00 Rehearsal St. Andrew's Presbyterian Church basement
19:00 - late Party Legion Room in Youth Centre
Saturday, July 2
10:00 - 16:00 Rehearsal St. Andrew's Presbyterian Church basement
17:30 - 20:00 Time off CCHS Class Dinners
20:30 - ??? Performance Youth Centre - for friends and family
Sunday, July 3

10:00 ? - ???

Ecumenical Service CCHS (TBA)

Where is that? St Andrew's is at the corner of Birch and Green, the Youth Centre on L'Esperance, and CCHS is on Green St. Of course you remember all that! Here's a map that will at least get you close.

For those of you that went to Chambly County (CCHS), they are having a Reunion at the same as we are. We'll see if we can arrange the schedules so as to leave you some time to take part in some of those activities as well. Here's a link to their website: www.chamblycounty.com

Where to Stay

Wendy has booked a block of rooms for us at the Best Western Hotel on Taschereau Blvd on the South Shore if you need accommodations. This is a very busy weekend in Montreal and this hotel is fully booked except for these rooms that we have on hold. You need to book before 30 May 2005 or they will be released. Here's the information you need:

Block of rooms is under the name CCHS, Hear & Now.
Best Western Hotel National,
7746 Taschereau Blvd.,
Brossard, Quebec J4X 1C2
Direct Line: 450-466-6756 or 1-800-465-0041 or Fax: 450-671-8179
Single, Double, Twin, Triple or Quad = special rate at $99.00 CAD per room
Up to four (4) people per room.
Cancellation by individual by June 29, 2005.

Write your Bio

Please fill in your Bio information and send it to Wendy. Here's what she said in her email request:

"I have attached a bio outline in Word and WordPerfect and hopefully all of you can access either attachment. Please fill one out for each of you and return it to me and I will put together a brief handout for the reunion with everyone's name, address, phone number etc. If any of you know anyone on our contact list who is not online, please forward a copy of the bio for them to fill out."

The 2 outlines are linked below. Right-click on them and select "Save As...". To make WordPerfect happy, you should save the "Bio in WordPerfect" file with the extension .wpd not .doc .

Bio in Word Bio in WordPerfect (save it as 'wpd')