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Wondering where everyone is these days? Find them in the list below. If you know where to locate someone and the information is not on this list, please send an email to the Webmaster.

If the Other Info column says something, you can find out more on how to contact this person from Wendy, we just didn't put it on the web-site to protect people's privacy - OK?

How many names here so far? In 2005 we had found 132. If you're like me, you probably only recognize half of them. A deep scouring of Gladys and various show programs has dredged up the rest of the names. Some of them were only in the group for a few months, but they were all there ... once upon a time.

Download this text file and it might make it easier to add the email addresses that we know into your Contact list (updated as of 25 May 2010).

There are still lots of people we haven't heard from - are you one of them?





Other Info

?, Louise (Nov.25/71)        
Aitken, Carol        
Allatt, Dean        
Aloi, Ray   St Hubert, QC   Yes
Anslow, June   Vancouver, BC juneanslow --at-- gmail.com Married to Gord
Baillargeon, Marc   Edmonton, AB boogins --at-- telus.net Married to Maureen
Bell, Paula        
Billard, Chris   Ingleside, ON chains --at-- idrc.ca Married to Murray Hains
Billard, Tom   Kirkwall, Flamborough, ON tcbillard --at-- rogers.com Married to Laura
Blackstock, Alan   Bethel, CT Alan_Blackstock --at-- praxair.com Married to Jeanette
Blackstock, Pam     Pam.Blackstock --at-- ripnet.com Married to Kemp
Blizard, Dave   NDG, Montreal, QC samaritan64 --at-- hotmail.com  
Blizard, Keith   Montreal West, QC tessier-blizard --at-- sympatico.ca  
Bouchat, Suzanne   Kenora, ON lsmorris --at-- sympatico.oa Married to Lee Morris
Bourne, Ron   Brossard, QC capelmeister --at-- fastmail.ca  
Bradley, Dave        
Bradwell, Steve   St Lambert, QC    
Brown, Eric   Vancouver, BC ericbrown --at-- shaw.ca Yes
Brown, Jean   QC jstrathdee --at-- icao.int Yes
Bruce, Allison     ammunro --at-- hotmail.com Married Munro
Burrett, Hugh        
Chadsey, Ian   Cochrane, AB jchadsey --at-- shaw.ca  
Champagne, Serge   Tampa, Florida dschamp0529 --at-- yahoo.com  
Choi, Kyung   Richmond Hill, ON kchoi --at-- infosolve-consulting.com  
Christie, Karen   Australia christie.karen --at-- gmail.com Yes
Clark, Nancy        
Collins, Glen   Vancouver, BC glen --at-- glenbodie.com Glen Bodie now, married to Susan
Constantineau, Carol        
Cook, Angela       Married Smith
Cook, Malcolm        
Cooper, Ian        
Curnow, Alanna        
Davidson, Ron        
Davies, Ken        
de la Mothe, John        
Dolla, Tim   Montreal, QC tadolla --at-- hotmail.com Yes
Donnan, Steve   Calgary, AB sdonnan --at-- shaw.ca  
Elliott, Sandi       Deceased
Farish, Joe   Kingston, ON joe.faris --at-- jus.gov.on.ca  
Friend, Richard   Guelph, ON friendr --at-- rogers.com Married to Barb Proctor
Gardener, Carol     toddie --at-- fido.ca  
Geoffrion, Diane       Deceased
Gigon, Margaret   St Lambert, QC   Yes
Gilbert, Judy   Calgary, AB jcgilbert22 --at-- shaw.ca  
Gilbert, Michael   St Lambert, QC    
Gilbert-Rees, Wendy   Toronto, ON wendy.gilbertrees --at-- gmail.com Married to David Rees
Gnaedinger, Vic   St Lambert, PQ gnavic --at-- champlaincollege.qc.ca  
Grant, Sally        
Grimaud, Elena        
Harvey, Sheldon   Greenfield Pk, PQ info --at-- radiohf.ca  
Henderson, Gaye        
Hore, Brenda        
Hore, Nancy     n-woodley --at-- onu.edu  
Jacques, Ellen        
Jaworski, Bill & Lois     killjaws --at-- sympatico.ca  
Jefcoat, Rick        
Jones, Ian        
Kavanaugh, Linda        
Keeler, Pam   Scottsdale, Arizona PamPalestini --at-- msn.com Married Palestini
Kryton, Mike   Edmonton, AB michaelkryton --at-- shaw.ca  
Laduke, Jean     jeanladuke --at-- rogers.com  
Lamarre, Teri     tsimpson --at-- sympatico.ca  
Lamb, Jim        
Lanctot, Verna        
Lang, Phil   Toronto, ON plang --at-- rogers.com Married to Sheila Reoch
Laniel, Roberta        
Lavallee, Anne Marie        
Lawrence, Tony   Mississauga, ON ajlaw --at-- rogers.com Yes
Lehmann, Susan        
Leslie, Karen        
Lewis, Meredith   Calgary, AB meredith.lewis.dowbiggin --at-- tommyhilfiger.ca  
Lortie, Dave   Maple Ridge, BC dpl.cgeo --at-- telus.net  
Luce, Liz   St. Lambert, QC dfauthier --at-- hotmail.com Married to David Authier
Mackenzie, Andy        
Mackenzie, Liz        
Madden, Michael       Deceased
Madsen, Remo        
Major, Steve        
Martin, Debbie        
Martin, Pat        
Matthews, Glenn        
Mayer, Kathy   St Lambert, QC KMAnastasopoulos --at-- yahoo.ca Married to Anastasopoulos
McArthur, Peter   BC mcarthurp --at-- shaw.ca Yes
McDowell, Helen   Richmond Hill, ON philesop --at-- sympatico.ca Married to Perry Phillips
McGinnis, Gerry   Delaware purlewites --at-- aol.com  
Meldrum, Joan   Brossard, QC   Yes
Mitchell, Bob       Deceased
Mitchell, Bruce   Chateauguay, QC W__Mitchell --at-- sympatico.ca  
Morris, Lee   Kenora, ON lsmorris --at-- sympatico.ca Married to Sue Bouchat
Nish, Allison        
Norman, Rodney       Deceased
Pagé, Richard        
Palmer, Debbie   St Lambert, QC debra.palmer --at-- concordia.ca Yes
Palmer, Janice   Kentville, NS jdpalmer --at-- eastlink.ca Yes
Palmer, Kip & Audrey   St Lambert, QC   Yes
Parker, Megan        
Parkes, Debbie   Montreal, QC dparkes --at-- thegazette.canwest.com  
Pedersen, Paul        
Pond, Brian   Moncton, NB beehivepond --at-- gmail.com Married to Cathy
Ponting, Wayne   Vancouver, BC    
Prince, Laura   Montreal, PQ ljprince --at-- videotron.ca Yes
Proctor, Barbara   Guelph, ON friendr --at-- rogers.com Married to Richard Friend
Purdie, Debbie   St Bruno, QC depurdie --at-- aei.ca Yes
Reoch, Sheila       Deceased
Richards, Eleanor       Deceased
Rodger, Steve        
Rust, Debbie     drust10 --at-- cogeco.ca  
Saul, Debbie   Brossard, QC charlesanddebbie --at-- videotron.ca Married Charles Casselman
Sauriol, Francine        
Seath, Betty-Jo   Brossard, QC d_christiani --at-- videotron.ca Married to Christiani
Seath, Candy   St Lambert, QC    
Simmons, Mike   Angus, ON simmons --at-- cois.on.ca  
Skinner, Michele        
Smith, Andrea   Northants, England abs335 --at-- hotmail.com  
Smith, Karen        
Somers, Greg        
Strathdee, Jim   Montreal, QC jstrathdee --at-- icao.int Yes
Strathdee, Jo-Ann   Ottawa, ON jholden --at-- magma.ca Married to Holden
Stuart, Debbie        
Thompson, Donna        
Vergo, Launa        
Versey or Vesey, Bob        
Vignale, Bob       Deceased
Waldron, Cliff        
Waymann, David   Dexter, Michigan dwaymann --at-- umich.edu Yes
Weaver, Cindy        
Webber, Don        
Webster, Denise        
Westlake, Judy   St Lambert, QC judymitchell --at-- sympatico.ca Married to Bob Mitchell
Wong, Clifford