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Performance at Tom Billard's Church

Kirkwall Presbyterian Church, Kirkwall, Flamborough, Ontario (17 Oct 2010): In what is becoming a annual event, a small contingent of H&Ners once again gathered at Tom's church in Kirkwall.

We had a slight up-tick in participation, most notably with Al coming all the way from Connecticut, but we still had to select songs appropriate for a small group: Tom & Laura, Phil & Sheila, Glen & Susan, Pam & Kemp, Jeannie, Al and Wendy. The songs were done acoustic style with Al and Glen on guitars and Phil on snare and high hat (and a tapping foot for his missing bass drum). We sang Put a little Love in your Heart, Try a Little Kindness, Fly Little White Dove, Get Together, A Gift of Song and Pass it On.

We met Saturday for lunch, practiced for a few hours to convince ourselves that we still remembered all those songs and then moved right in to socializing and dinner. Did I mention the red wine? Once again we were warmly welcomed by the Billards with a great dinner. This was the day the congregation took a group picture for the construction of the addition to the church, so the red H&N shirts on Tom and Laura are now permanently in the church's history.

Here's what happened that Sunday:

Order of Service

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Post-hoc recap

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Assorted pictures and video

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