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Performance at Tom Billard's Church

Kirkwall Presbyterian Church, Kirkwall, Flamborough, Ontario (27 Sep 2009): We had so much fun that we had to try it again. And apparently, the church members really wanted us back.

We didn't manage to get quite such a large contingent this time, so we had to manage the song selections for a smaller H&N: Tom & Laura, Christine & Murray, Phil & Sheila, Glen & Susan, Pam and Wendy. The songs were done acoustic style with Murray and Glen on guitars and Phil on assorted (small-scale) percussion. We sang Put Your Hand, Put a Little Love, I'd Like to Teach, Strangest Dream and Gift of Song.

But the one thing that didn't change was the hospitality of the Billards and the warmth of the whole congregation.

Here's what happened that Sunday:

Order of Service

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Post-hoc recap

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Assorted pictures and video

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