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Concert - Saturday July 2 at CCHS

The audio comes from Eric Brown's minidisc recorder, and he turned them into MP3's too. These were not mic'd, so there is a fair bit of ambient noise, and the overall volume level is quite low, but hey! these are the best we've got, and I love'em.

You can download the files to your computer, or open from here, to play the music - but be aware that they are about 4Mb each!

Click to download and play Click to play
Intro Play me
A Gift of Song Play me
Country Roads Play me
(Last Night I Had the) Strangest Dream Play me
Listen to the Music Play me
Teach Your Children Play me
Fly Little White Dove, Fly Play me
One Tin Soldier Play me
Soolaimon Play me
As Tears Go By Play me
Put Your Hand (in the Hand of the Man) Play me
Reach Out and Touch Play me
Brother Love's Traveling Salvation Show Play me
Get Together Play me
I Don't Know How to Love Him Play me
Put a Little Love (in Your Heart) Play me
Holly Holy Play me
I Believe in Music Play me
Country Roads (Encore) Play me
Thanks, Wendy Play me

More Audio tracks are available here.