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Whenever new material is posted on the website, I'll update this list. Note that every page has a "Last Update" indicator at the bottom right corner.
When What
10 Nov 2017 Revamp to how all the concerts at Tom's church are presented
Start referencing a 50th Reunion in 2021
25 Feb 2010 Price reduction for the Best Western rooms (thanks Wendy!)
Updates on who is planning to attend
10 Jan 2010 Major revision of the pages to bring it up to date for the 2010 Reunion
19 Sep 2008 Pictures and Video from the mini-reunion at Tom Billard's church in Kirkwall, Ontario (see Other Events); also corrected the arrangement for Day by Day
12 Aug 2008 Updated contact info for Marc Baillargeon, who has had some medical issues lately and would love to hear from anyone!
31 Jul 2008 Pam Blackstock retired and has a new email address
23 Nov 2006 Email address changes for Sheila Lang
and Dave Waymann
25 Sep 2006 Arni has e-moved, new email address
Pictures from Arni's 50th Birthday (see Other Events)
06 Aug 2006 Many more Audio Files added: The Bob Tapes, 114 tracks!
25 Jul 2006 New improved audio files from the Reunion 2005 Concert
More Audio files from 1972 - look under From the Archives - More Audio
07 Jan 2006 Found Serge Champagne's email address
17 Dec 2005 Added more photos from Arni: look under From the Archives, Photos section
Added the video from our Reunion: look under Reunion 2005 - After the Reunion - Video
Added 7 more songs to the Download page
Added the updated Reunion 2005 Concert Song Book to the Download page
22 Jul 2005 Fixed the Message Board so it can be accessed from the Free pages or from my home server This is no longer available.
18 Jul 2005 "What's New" page added
Reunion 2005 pictures updated with 46 more from Wendy
12 Jul 2005 New section at the top of the Reunion 2005 page
Added lots of pictures from the Reunion 2005
Added sound track from the Reunion 2005 Concert