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14 Sep 2003
Updated 1 family tree and added a few pictures.
10 Sep 2003
Updated 3 family trees.
17 Aug 2003
Added a few more family pictures.
17 Dec 2002
Added some Strays. Updated some email addresses. Updated one Family Tree.
1 Sept 2002
Added a bunch of new pictures to our rogues gallery. Added and removed some strays.
30 Dec 2001
Replaced all email links with a javascript function to protect everyone's email addresses from being harvested by spammers.
7 May 2001
Added a new Family Tree to 'Our Trees' page from Hebron Adams for the Long Island Thorneycrafts.
16 Mar 2001
Moved the whole web site from GenWeb.NET to RootsWeb. Replaced the GenWeb page counter with a RootsWeb counter. Updated all the eMail references and external links. Disabled the old MindIt service that is now charging for the service.
01 Jan 2001
Added the Info page to point to some information we have made available to researchers. This includes the PDF files for the Bulgin book, links to an on-line searchable database of re-organized IGI data, and a transcript of Thornicroft entries from the Gawsworth Parish registers. Updated some trees.
October 2000
It seems that the web server which holds this database got "hacked" and was down for almost 2 months.  It seems to have returned near the end of November.
6 June 2000
Added a new family tree.  Joined another Genealogy ring.  Added another researcher.  Corrected some broken links to internet sites.
16 April 2000
Added a new family tree.
23 Jan 2000
Add the "Most Wanted" page chained off the Queries page. Add some more Strays. Add a connection to a Banner site and add our banner. Add a new family tree and update researcher email addresses.
14 Jan 2000
Added 4 photographs.
9 Jan 2000
Added more strays and moved that information onto a new page. Added 2 new photographs. Added a new researcher.
3 Jan 2000
Major update to the site. New navigation buttons with mouse-overs. Optimized all graphics for faster download. Added help for how to use the Search function. Archived queries from January through July 1999. Updated the Query page. Removed the Chat page and the World Map page (not being used). Added a page with all the details on how to contact us. Many new pictures, GED files, and researchers added.
24 Jul 1999
New photo. Corrections to family line descriptions. New family lines in GED and RTF format. New researcher added. Updated links to RootsWeb pages and List. Query page updated. Updated the Mathew 1820 GED files.
13 Jun 1999
Updates to the Crests & Mottos page based on new information from other researchers.
12 Jun 1999
Added search capability using BeSeen MySearch on the Search page
27 May 1999
Added a link on the Query page to get to the GenConnect Query Board on RootsWeb for Thornicroft
17 Apr 1999
More photographs, all from the Mytton Thornycroft family line.
16 Jan 1999
Added a page off the Queries page that will contain any queries that come in from the Web Site.  They will get archived off periodically to the Query Archives page.
14 Jan 1999
Added general overview of Thornicroft Family name on the Home Page.  Added in-page links when there are many segments on a given page.  Added a section on the Queries page where we can record all Strays with the Thornicroft name in case someone can figure out where they fit in.  Released the site to general public access.
09 Jan 1999
More attempts to get the pages to look right in all browser versions.  Added info from Canadian Books of Remembrance (WW1 and WW2).  More photographs.  Added a family tree for William Thorneycroft from 1820 to today starting in Northampton, UK.
02 Jan 1999
Minor structural changes to try to make the pages look correct on both Netscape and MSIE and in the process speed up loading a bit.  Add an option to download the fonts I used so the pages look better.
01 Jan 1999
Prepare for some future capabilities.  Create all new buttons for left side menu.   Try to fix colour bar problem with mini crest JPG.  Make all pages match the same style better.
31 Dec 1998
Added a "What's New" page so that the NetMind notification can be more effective and I can tell people what is new without them having to scan the whole site.
30 Dec 1998
Uploaded Version 1 of the web site and told all Thornicroft researchers about it, seeking their feedback.

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