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If you have any queries, comments or suggestions about this web site or the information in it, please contact us.


All Queries received that are related to genealogy will be posted here for everyone to view.


Periodically, these queries will be archived into ZIP files listed here.


Query Board

A Query Board has been set up on RootsWeb so that you can all interact freely in your Thornicroft research.  The board is dedicated to Thornicroft family research and is not to be used for any other purposes. There are also other boards related to Thornicroft, but these are not being used yet.

Mailing List

A Thornicroft Mailing List has also been set up at RootsWeb.  You can subscribe to the list in either the "digest" mode (which means you get a collection of recent messages every day or two or three) or in the "list" mode (which means you get every message when the list gets it).  Click on the links here to subscribe using your email program.

Most Wanted

We have started a new section where the researchers can present their "Most Wanted" people - the ones who are blocking their research at this time.  Hopefully somebody out there knows the missing information!

Useful Bits & Strays

The number of "strays" has grown enough that we now have a separate page just for them!

Queries RootsWeb Most Wanted Useful Bits & Strays

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