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20 Feb 2000
Reformat pages using Shared Borders for consistency and navigation help.  Add a page describing the Origins of the surname ANTLE.
14 October 1999
Added link to the GEDCOM displayed using the new RootsWeb GEDCOM library and tool.
2 October 1999
Added a large web page and 2 downloadable files containing what might be some good parts of this database turned into a family tree. This possible tree covers 7 generations in some places!
30 September 1999
Added the initial publication of the Database that contains everything I know about every ANTLE in Newfoundland.
Statistics: 425 sources, 767 people
15 July 1999
Added a link to the ANTLE Mailing List on RootsWeb and updated the links to the webmaster's email.
27 May 1999
Added a link to the Antle Query Board on RootsWeb GenConnect (and it links back to here as well)
27 May 1999
Added this "What's New" page so that people can tell Mind-It to monitor this page for changes and not get frequent bogus messages just because the hit counter on the main page changed.  Removed the Mind-It from the main page.