Note: all sources referenced in this family tree by means of a superscript number can be found in the accompanying Sources page.




1.  William Antle was born in 1710 in Brigus, NF.  He died in 1796.


Jane Noseworthy was born in 1720.  She died in Feb 1804 in Brigus, NF.  She has been referred to as "the mother of the ANTLE family".  William Antle and Jane Noseworthy had the following children:


          +2             i.    John Antle.

          +3           ii.    ?boy Antle.

             4          iii.    Thomas Antle was born between 1740 and 1750.

             5           iv.    William Antle was born between 1740 and 1750.






2.  John Antle1 was born in 1740 in Brigus, NF.  He died after 1780 in Brigus, NF.


He was married to Anne ?.  Anne ?2 was born in 1745.  She died in Sep 1804 in Brigus, NF.3  John Antle and Anne ? had the following children:


          +6             i.    William Antle Sr..

          +7           ii.    John Antle.


3.  ?boy Antle4.  Speculation - this ANTLE may be the common ancestor of Thomas ANTLE whose line leads down to Netta (Antle) BAKER and of Stephen ANTLE whose line leads down to Glen BODIE.  The reason this is suggested is because Netta's grandfather (Thomas ANTLE) referred to the Rev. John ANTLE as his cousin.  Netta says the newspapers (what paper?) would carry items of the Rev. John's travels in his missionary work and Thomas would always refer "very proudly" to him as "my cousin".


He was married to ? ?.  ?boy Antle and ? ? had the following children:


          +8             i.    Thomas Antle.

          +9           ii.    Stephen Antle.






6.  William Antle Sr.5,6 was born in 1775.7  He died after 1823.  He was an executor for the estate of Isaac Richards in 1823.  William had 10 children.  He had a brother John and 2 uncles, Thomas & William.


He was married to Mary Richards (daughter of Isaac Richards  and ? ? ) in 1800.8  Mary Richards9,10 was born in 1779 in Port de Grave, NF.11  She died in 1839.12  William Antle Sr. and Mary Richards had the following children:


           10             i.    Mary Antle13 was baptized in 1804.14

        +11           ii.    Amey Antle.

           12          iii.    Jane Antle15 was baptized in 1806.16

           13           iv.    Anna Antle17 was baptized in 1810 in Brigus Methodist Church, Brigus, NF.18  She was born in Feb 1810 in Brigus, NF.19

           14            v.    William Antle Jr.20 was born in 1812.21  He was baptized in 1812.22

           15           vi.    Isaac Antle23 was born in 1815.24  He was baptized in 1816.25

           16          vii.    Susanna Antle26 was born in 1817.27

        +17        viii.    Abraham Antle.

           18           ix.    Thomas Antle28 was born in 1820.29


7.  John Antle30.  


He was married to Anne? ?.


8.  Thomas Antle4.  


He was married to Jane Bussey.  Thomas Antle and Jane Bussey had the following children:


        +19             i.    James Antle.

        +20           ii.    William Antle.

           21          iii.    George Antle4.  George never married, he died young.

        +22           iv.    Thomas Antle.

        +23            v.    Mary Antle.

           24           vi.    Rev. Arthur Nightingale Antle4 was a minister on 2 Jul 1892 in White Bay, NF.31  Netta Baker indicates him to be a brother of her grandfather (presumably Thomas Antle) but her list of children of that Thomas does not include an Arthur.  Arthur was a teacher and minister in Northern NF and the coast of Labrador.  He also ministered to the lumber camps in NF.


                                  Arthur died at an early age.  He was a great singer and died of tuberculosis of the throat.  In his will, he left his library of books in a very nice bookcase to his nephew Thomas - it was Thomas' prized possession.  In 1904 - a hot dry summer - no fire fighting equipment - a forest fire was raging toward the community of Northern Arm where Thomas and family lived.  There were 17 families in Northern Arm at the time.  There was no hope of saving anything from that fire.  Thomas took the bookcase filled with books to the seashore and buried it in the sand.  Everything was destroyed but the bookcase was not.  It remained in Thomas' family's home till 1983 when it was given to Netta's son John.  He took it to a firm to have the woodwork refinished and when John picked it up, the workman said to him "there was something strange about that bookcase - the locks and hinges were full of sand".  The bookcase is now in John's home in St. John's.


9.  Stephen Antle32.  He had a barquentine sailing out of Harbour Grace, NF.


He was married to Lydia ?.  Lydia ? was born in NF.  Stephen Antle and Lydia ? had the following children:


        +25             i.    Rev. John Antle.

        +26           ii.    Edith Antle.






11.  Amey Antle33,34,35,36 was born in 1805.37,38  She died in 1881.  Seems to be some confusion about Emma and Amey.  Both have been reported as born in 1805 and both have been reported as marrying Phil(l)ip Bennet(t) but in either 1826 or 1835.  Have to get Claire Kelly to confirm what's going on.


She was married to Philip Bennett in 1826.39


17.  Abraham Antle40 was born in 1819.41  He died in 1903.42


He was married to Grace ?. Grace ?43 was born in 1824.44  She died in Sep 1845.45


19.  James Antle4 was born in Oct 1849 in Brigus, NF.46  He was Methodist in 1921 in Botwood, NF.46


He was married to ? ?.


He was married to Rebecca Eddison.  Rebecca Eddison4 was born in Apr 1855 in Topsail, NF.46  She was Methodist in 1921 in Botwood, NF.46  James Antle and Rebecca Eddison had the following children:


           27             i.    Jane Antle4.  

           28           ii.    Bertha Antle4.  

           29          iii.    Mary Ann Antle4.  

           30           iv.    Becky Antle4.  

           31            v.    Robert Eddison was born in Jan 1892 in Quirpon, NF.46  He was adopted.46  Robert might have been from an earlier marriage of Rebecca?  He shows up in the 1921 census as an adopted son of James.


20.  William Antle4 was born in Jul 1850 in Brigus, NF.46  He was Methodist in 1921 in Botwood, NF.47  At the time of the 1921 census, he was an invalid living at home.


He was married to Jemima LeDrew.  William and Jemina died when the sons were quite young so they went to live with relatives in Toronto.  Jemima LeDrew4 was born in Dec 1873 in Change Island, NF.48  She was Methodist in 1921 in Botwood, NF.49  William Antle and Jemima LeDrew had the following children:


        +32             i.    Archibald Antle.

           33           ii.    Clifford Antle4 was born in Feb 1913 in Botwood, NF.50  He was Methodist in 1921 in Botwood, NF.51  He died before 1998.4


22.  Thomas Antle was born on 8 Nov 1856 in Brigus, NF.46  The 1921 census of NF and the Who's Who in NF of 1927 disagree on his year of birth - either 1856 or 1858.  I'll go with the census record for now.  He was Methodist in 1921 in Botwood, NF.46  He was a sub-collector of customs in 1921 in Botwood, NF.46  Paul and Judy Gill had indicated that Thomas married Elizabeth Banks Payne, but Netta counters that it was Mary Ann Payne who was Thomas' second wife.  Dont know which Mary he was married to in 1921, but she was born Jan 1857 in Fogo and was Methodist (1921 census).


From "Who's Who in and from Newfoundland" 1927 (R. Hibbs, Editor and Publisher):

ANTLE, Thomas -- Collector of Customs, Botwood. Born Nov. 8, 1858, at Brigus, C.B. [Conception Bay], the son of Thomas Antle and Jane (Bussey) Antle. Educated at Brigus. Began fishing at 17 from Brigus to Labrador. Entered partnership with Jas. Antle & Bros. 1880, and in 1895 terminated partnership and started in lumber business, working with Exploits River Lumber & Pulp Co. until 1901, when he started business on his own account. Later passed over management of business to his son, and accepted present position. Married in 1886 to Miss Mary Jane Mugford. Has four sons. Society and Club: Masonic. Religion: U.C. Independent in politics. Residence: Botwood.


He was married to Mary Jane Mugford in 1886.52  Mary Jane Mugford was born in Jan 1857 in Fogo, NF.46  She was Methodist in 1921 in Botwood, NF.46  Thomas Antle and Mary Jane Mugford had the following children:


        +34             i.    Arthur Nightingale Antle.

        +35           ii.    Abram Bussey Antle.

           36          iii.    Gilbert Antle4.  Gilbert was killed in action in WW1 and never married.

           37           iv.    Susy Pennell was born in Feb 1898 in Fogo, NF.46  She was adopted.46

        +38            v.    Frank Antle.


He was married to Mary Ann Payne.


23.  Mary Antle4.  


She was married to John French.  Mary Antle and John French had the following children:


           39             i.    Elsie Dawe French4.  

           40           ii.    Irene Muchill French4.  

        +41          iii.    Muriel Berry French.


25.  Rev. John Antle53 was born on 25 Oct 1865 in Brigus, NF.  He was educated Queen's Theological College in 1888 in St. John's, NF.54  He was a deacon in 1890 in Greenspond, NF.55  He was a priest between 1892 and 1897 in NF.56  He became a priest in November 1892 at Llewellyn Newfoundland.  He held the following positions in the Anglican Church in Newfoundland: Curate of Greenspond in 6 Dec 1890 to 1892; Society for the Propagation of the Gospel Mission in Greenspond from 1890 to 1894; Minister of Greenspond from 1892 to 1894; Minister of Catalina from 3 Dec 1894 to 1897.  He received a degree in Doctor of Divinity about 1898 in Trinity College, Toronto, ON.  He died on 3 Dec 1949 in Vancouver, BC.57  Once thought the date was: 1 Aug 1949

He was Anglican.58  His father brought him up to know the sea.  He sailed a tiny skiff in the waters of the Atlantic when he was 12 years old, and he sailed a 40 foot yacht from England to Vancouver through submarine infested seas during WW2 when he was 75.  In between , he founded the Columbia Coast Mission (Anglican) on the coast of BC and sailed the ship Columbia up and down the coast bringing news, medicine and religion to the Indians and foresters in the coastal communities.


He is shown in the records as the minister (first rector) of Holy Trinity, Vancouver.  The name appears from Nov 1899 to Nov 1904.  It appears again in Aug 1909 on a certificate headed: "Columbia Coast Mission, Inc.  Address: Mission Ship "Columbia", Vancouver, BC  Rev. John Antle, Superintendent" and signed "John Antle, Priest in Charge of Columbia Coast Mission".


St. Catherine's Standard, 5 Nov 1977:

In 1946, he signed two girls aboard the Reverie as crew and tried to sail to New York through the Panama Canal.  Fierce storms in the Caribbean forced him to turn back.  Thereafter, he lived aboard his yacht, tied up in the Vancouver Yacht Club, of which he had been a founder.


The Daily News, St. John's, NF, 9 Aug 1940:

    The 40 foot yawl "Reverie" arrived here (San Diego, CA) yesterday after a 347 day voyage from Falmouth, England, via the Panama Canal with its sails torn to shreds, the food supply deleted and the 75 year old skipper Rev. John Antle, virtually penniless.

    The Rev. Mr. Antle who is a native of Brigus, Newfoundland, told interviewers here that he was left with only two shillings after paying the Mexican customs authorities at Acapulco.

    When the "Reverie" left Falmouth there were on board, beside the clergy an- skipper a passenger and a deck-hand.  The passenger married while the little craft was at St. Kitts in the British West Indies and the deckhand was discharged and replaced by another at Funchal.  On the voyage across the Atlantic two German submarines were sighted when the little craft was off the Madeira Islands.

    The Rev. Mr. Antle was formerly an Anglican missionary in Western Canada.  He returned to England two years ago after serving for 36 years in British Columbia.  The reverend gentleman is now bound to Vancouver in his little craft.


The Montreal Daily Star, Thursday 28 Sept, 1939:

    Toronto, Sept.28 - (CP) - Word has been received here that Rev John C Antle, 73-year-old British Columbia clergyman who set out from London in a 12-metre sailing craft on a transatlantic voyage, has reached Madeira, about 500 miles southwest of Lisbon.

    The veteran churchman and navigator reported in a letter to Church of England missionary headquarters here that he left England late in August and it was not until he arrived at the Portugese island on September 7 that he learned of the war.  With his crew of one, and English youth whom he engaged at Plymouth where he purchased the boat, he called at Lisbon en route to Madeira.

    The long journey through dangerous waters was made without incident but on the advice of the British consulate at Madeira, Capt Antle is delaying his journey across the South Atlantic and through the Caribbean Sea to the United States.

    For many years Capt Antle was superintendent of the Columbia Coast Mission, a missionary enterprise of the Anglican Church among fishermen, lumbermen and other workers on the Pacific coast.  The vessel in which he is making his hazardous trip is equipped with an auxiliary motor and is intended for the mission's work.


The Western Producer, Thursday September 15, 1966:

Sixty Years at Sea by Gilean Douglas

It was John Antle who founded the Columbia Coast Mission in 1905.  Born in Conception Bay, Newfoundland, 40 years before, he had his master mariner's license before he was ordained.  In the 70 ton "Laverock" he ran a 60 mile coast patrol while preaching in five churches and four school chapels.  After obtaining his degree of Doctor of Divinity at Trinity College, Toronto, he and his family went west: first to the mining town of Rossland, BC; then to Anacortes, Washington; finally to Vancouver, BC.  While rector of Holy Trinity Church in that city in 1904 he heard about "brutal conditions among upcoast loggers and homesteaders" and determined to do something about it.  So with his 12-year old son, Victor, he sailed 500 miles in 27 days in his home-built cutter "Laverock", seeing conditions firsthand. (My note: Victor was born in 1897 so would have been 7 in 1904.  Other documents have said he was 9, but 12 is definitely wrong.)


He was married to Frances Maude Mutch in 1892 in St. John's, NF.  Frances Maude Mutch59,60 was born on 16 Mar 1868 in Harbour Grace, NF.  She died in 1927 in Welland, ON.  She was also known as Fannie.  Fannie was descended from a number of good New England and Maritime families: such as: Mutch, Crowell, Farquharson, Brown, Coffin, McEwen, Stearns, Symonds - her 8 great-grandparents.  Rev. John Antle and Frances Maude Mutch had the following children:


           42             i.    Dorothy Antle was born in 1895 in St. John's, NF.  Dorothy died quite young.

        +43           ii.    Victor Antle.

        +44          iii.    Ernest Stephen Antle.

        +45           iv.    Lydia MARION Antle.


26.  Edith Antle.  


She was married to John H Williams.  John H Williams was living in 1949 in St. John's, NF.  He was a clerk.  Edith Antle and John H Williams had the following children:


           46             i.    Florence Lydia Williams was born on 8 Apr 1900 in St. John's, NF.  She was baptized on 6 May 1900 in St. John's, NF.

           47           ii.    Olive Williams. 






32.  Archibald Antle4 was born in Aug 1906 in Botwood, NF.61  He was Methodist in 1921 in Botwood, NF.62  He died before 1998.4


He was married to ? ?.  Archibald Antle and ? ? had the following children:


           48             i.    ? Antle4.  Netta believes that Arch's daughter still lives in the Toronto area somewhere.


34.  Arthur Nightingale Antle46,63,4 was born in Jul 1886 in Botwood, NF.46  He appeared on the census in 1921 in Botwood, NF.46  He was Methodist in 1921 in Botwood, NF.46  He was a manager of a meat and produce company in 1921 in Botwood, NF.46  He died in Botwood, NF.64  The 1921 census as transcribed had his middle name mis-spelled as "Nightengale".


He was married to Victoria Regina Payne (daughter of James Payne  and Rebecca Oake ).  Victoria Regina Payne46,63 was born on 11 Sep 1887 in Fogo, NF.46,64  She was living in 1921 in Botwood, NF.46  She was Methodist in 1921 in Botwood, NF.46  She died in 1956 in Botwood, NF.64  Arthur Nightingale Antle and Victoria Regina Payne had the following children:


        +49             i.    Thomas Wilmot Antle.

        +50           ii.    Netta Mary Antle.

           51          iii.    Daphne Nightingale Antle63,4 was born on 13 Sep 1927.64  She never married; lived in Botwood, NF; managed the family business after her father's death; retired in 1990.  Address:  Daphne Antle, Church [Street or whatever] Tel.: (709) 257-2399 (from Barbara Pederson from the NF phone book).


35.  Abram Bussey Antle4 was born in Sep 1891 in Botwood, NF.46  He was a tidewaiter, H M Customs in 1921 in Botwood, NF.46  He was Methodist in 1921 in Botwood, NF.46


He was married to Florrie Norman.  Abram and Florrie had no children.4  Florrie Norman4 was born in Aug 1896 in Botwood, NF.46


38.  Frank Antle4 was born in Oct 1901 in Botwood, NF.46  He was Methodist in 1921 in Botwood, NF.46  He was a salesman.46


He was married to Flossie LeDrew.  Frank Antle and Flossie LeDrew had the following children:


           52             i.    Owen Antle4 was living in 1998 in St. John's, NF.4

           53           ii.    Ira (Brett) Antle4 was living in 1998 in Grand Falls, NF.4

           54          iii.    Leslie Antle4 was living in 1998 in Grand Falls, NF.4

        +55           iv.    Ronald Antle.


41.  Muriel Berry French4.  Netta (Antle) Baker refers to Muriel as "Auntie French"  and describes her as a very beautiful person, very petite and like a piece of Dresden china.


She was married to ? ?.  Muriel Berry French and ? ? had the following children:


           56             i.    Lloyd ? was a musician in Toronto, ON.4


43.  Victor Antle was born in Aug 1897 in St. John's, NF.  He died in 1969 in Minneapolis, MN.  Victor travelled under the pseudonym Harry Osborne.  He was in the British Navy but didn't like it.  He jumped ship and joined the US Army as Harry Osborne and became a US citizen.


He was married to Marian 1 ?.  He was divorced from Marian 1 ?.


He was married to Vera ?.  Victor and Vera were married until Vera died.  Vera ? died in 1937 in Chicago, IL.


He was married to Marian 2 ?.


44.  Ernest Stephen Antle was born on 22 Nov 1899 in Sedro Wooley, WA.  He was baptized on 12 Dec 1899 in Holy Trinity Anglican Church, Vancouver, BC.65  He was baptized by his father the Rev. John Antle.  He died on 3 Nov 1987 in Vancouver, BC.  He was buried on 5 Nov 1987 in Vancouver, BC.  Ernest Stephen was the first child christened in Holy Trinity church. His father John was the minister there.  After working in the forests of BC as a young man and feeding his family on the spoils of the hunt (deer, duck, etc), he later started Antle Scaling and Grading, a company that flew to the log booms along the coast to determine the boom's $ value.  He was the president of COPA (Canadian Owners and Pilots Association).  After retiring he and Janet (and later Luke) travelled extensively by plane across Canada, living in Ottawa and down through Mexico.  There are times when Ernie and Janet landed in a small town and Janet got out of the plane wearing pants - considered quite controversial for a woman in those days!  Ernie visited PEI in his plane and there he met J. Robert Mutch who wrote the Mutch family history book.


He was married to Janet Dewar Dewar-Thornicroft on 11 Sep 1923 in Vancouver, BC.  Janet Dewar Dewar-Thornicroft was born on 27 Jun 1900 in Imperial, SK.  She died on 18 Jul 1965 in Vancouver, BC.66  She was adopted.  Janet was born to Annie Dewar and Matthew Thornycroft, but when she was 9, Annie died.  At that time, Annie's brother Jack Dewar and his wife Ariel Power adopted Janet who (of course) became Janet Dewar Dewar!  Janet was descended from the following great-grandparents: Thornicroft, Ford, Dewar, Comrie, McNie and Stewart.  Ernest Stephen Antle and Janet Dewar Dewar-Thornicroft had the following children:


           57             i.    Ariel STEPHANIE Antle was born on 28 Aug 1925 in Ocean Falls, BC.  She was a dancer and dance instructor in Woodland Hills, CA.

           58           ii.    Janet FRANCES Antle was born on 22 Jun 1928 in Ocean Falls, BC.  She was a story teller, audio-visual specialist, actress.

           59          iii.    John Victor Stephen Antle was born on 28 Jul 1930 in Vancouver, BC.


He was married to Margery Clement Lucas in Sep 1966 in Vancouver, BC.  Margery Clement Lucas was born on 18 Sep 1898 in Sardis, BC.  She was also known as Luc or Luke.  Len D'Easum and Margery (Luke) had been very good friends with Ernie Antle and Janet for many years.  After Janet died and Len died, Ernie and Luke decided they had better get married just to keep each other company.


45.  Lydia MARION Antle was born on 17 Apr 1903 in Vancouver, BC.65  She was baptized on 31 May 1903 in Holy Trinity Anglican Church, Vancouver, BC.65  She died in 1985 in La Grande, OR.


She was married to Frank Mennis in 1935 in Vancouver, BC.  Lydia MARION Antle and Frank Mennis had the following children:


           60             i.    Mia Mennis was born on 23 Aug 1940 in Welland, ON.






49.  Thomas Wilmot Antle63,46 was born in Oct 1911 in Botwood, NF.46  He was living in 1921 in Botwood, NF.46  He was Methodist in 1921 in Botwood, NF.46


He was married to Florence HELEN Perry after 1930.64  Thomas Wilmot Antle and Florence HELEN Perry had the following children:


        +61             i.    Rosemary Antle.

        +62           ii.    Kathryn Antle.

        +63          iii.    Helen Perry Antle.


50.  Netta Mary Antle46,63,4 was born on 3 Mar 1914 in Botwood, NF.46,4  She was living in 1921 in Botwood, NF.46  She was Methodist in 1921 in Botwood, NF.46


She was married to Albert John (Jack) Baker on 1 Jan 1949.4  Netta Mary Antle and Albert John (Jack) Baker had the following children:


        +64             i.    Elizabeth ANNE Baker.

        +65           ii.    John Antle Baker.


55.  Ronald Antle4 was living in 1998 in Botwood, NF.4


He was married to Karen Marshall.  Ronald Antle and Karen Marshall had the following children:


           66             i.    Robyn Antle4.  

           67           ii.    Ashley Antle4.  

           68          iii.    Stephen Antle4.  

           69           iv.    Brian Antle4.  Brian Antle, 7 Hemeon Ave. Tel.: (709) 257-2032 (From Barbara Pederson from the NF phone book).






61.  Rosemary Antle4.  Rosemary died at the age of 33 from complications of diabetes.


She was married to James Cantrell.


62.  Kathryn Antle4.  


She was married to David McNamara.  They returned to Ottawa in 1998 from Germany where David was working with the Canadian Embassy.  Kathryn Antle and David McNamara had the following children:


           70             i.    Christopher McNamara4.  

           71           ii.    Robert McNamara4.  


63.  Helen Perry Antle4 was a nurse.4


She was married to Trevor Murray.  Trevor and Helen live in Halifax, NS and have no children.


64.  Elizabeth ANNE Baker was born on 25 Jul 1950.4  She was a teacher.4  When Anne was at Memorial University, her English professor was Dr. Seary.  She had an assignment on "Family Names".  Her mother wrote for her about the Baker and Antle families.  Shortly after Dr. Seary retired, he wrote his book on the family names of NF.  Netta recognized several of the passages in the book from her notes.


She was married to Angus Newman.  Elizabeth ANNE Baker and Angus Newman had the following children:


           72             i.    Jennifer Newman4 was born in 1981.4

           73           ii.    David Newman4 was born in 1983.4


65.  John Antle Baker was born on 16 Jun 1953.4  He was a lawyer with White, Ottenheimer & Baber in 1998 in St. John's, NF.4


He was married to Wendy Treacher.  John Antle Baker and Wendy Treacher had the following children:


           74             i.    Elizabeth Julia (Beth) Baker4 was born in 1981.4

           75           ii.    Timothy John Baker4 was born in 1983.4

           76          iii.    Paul David Treacher Baker4 was born in 1987.4



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