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Glen and Susan started Mushroom Foraging on 22 Sept 2013 by taking a foraging tour with Chef Robin of Swallowtail Tours in Lynn Valley, BC. Since then we've been finding mushrooms everywhere we look - to the extent that it is now impossible to simply "go for a walk in the park"! We sometimes miss the ocean and mountains and forest all around us because our eyes are focused on the ground!

The following table provides information about every mushroom we THINK we have found. But be warned, identification of many species is very difficult and if you are wrong, it can be toxic or maybe even deadly. We have no useful expertise in mushroom identification yet, and the Confidence value in the table points out how sure (or not) we think we are of our identifications. You'll notice that for most of them we're not very confident! You should not use this web page as a knowlegable resource, and any use of this material is at your own risk.

Our primary resources are:

If you can offer any suggestions to correct or improve the identification of these mushrooms, please feel free to contact me at fungi --at--

In the main table:

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