Glen & Susan Visit Singapore & Thailand

In the Spring of 2008, Glen had a week-long business meeting in Singapore and a chance to take a vacation in the week following. That was too good an opportunity to miss, and Susan took those 2 weeks and came along to see the sites. Luggage problems aside (it's a long story) we had a great trip as we experienced new places and new cultures.

For the first week, Glen was tied up in meetings all day and Susan was able to wander around Singapore, seeing the sites and trying to replace clothing that never arrived. In the evenings we could go out together or with friends. Once that week of business was concluded, we took off for Thailand and some real vacation. We had arranged that trip using Green Island Tours in Singapore as referred to us by our friends in Toronto, Dan and Linda, who know the region well. We spent 4 days in Bangkok and then 3 days in Chiang Mai in the north-west interior of the country, then returned to Singapore for one more night before heading home.

The story on these web pages is mainly comprised of photos we took, with some commentary where helpful.

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