Glen and Susan go to Jamaica

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Looking at the Beach from our Balcony
Looking at the main Garden from our Balcony
Susan on the Balcony - actually, we both spent a lot of time here
Here is the Happy Couple doing what they do best
From the resort looking North along the beach - it goes for about 7 Miles
This was taken at sunset at Rick's Cafe, a favourite restaurant of everyone
A boat at Sunset
Our little friend at Mayfield Falls
Here is Susan in Mayfield Falls
And Glen in Mayfield Falls
On the way walking in o the town of Negril, Susan made some boney friends
Glass Bottom boats on the river the lets out near Negril, we pass these as we walk in to town
Rockhouse is a resort and restaurant where we had a great dinner and a great view
Puss And Pusstails (at least that's what the locals call these plants).  There were cats EVERYWHERE all up and down the beach, looking very skinny
And this is "As Good As It Gets"