Lilholt Family Tree

Where does the Name come from?

There are (or have been) 4 different farms / areas in Denmark connected to the name Lilholt:

  1. The farms in Mygdal and Bjergby near Hjørring in North Jutland.  In the 17th century (1638 to be exact) it's mentioned as "Lildholt", with a "d" in it. This web site is primarily concerned with this family line (so far). [Ref: "TRAP DANMARK", 5th edition, volume VI, 1; published by G.E.C. Gad's forlag, 1960, page 200]
  2. The area near Skrydstrup / Nustrup near the Vojens Airport, South Jutland.  This family line took their name from this "unification of houses/farms".  Once there was a church there, named Lilholt Church. It has been mentioned in a Count of the Bishops Possessions back in the 15th century. Later it is mentioned in a count of the 17th century (1639), but more as a chapel of rest, than as a church. Then it is no longer mentioned, but it was later presumed to have burned down. [Ref: "TRAP DANMARK", 5th edition, volume X, 1; published by G.E.C. Gad's forlag, 1965]
  3. A farm near Haderslev / Hejsager in Southern Jutland - about 15 km from the other Southern Lilholts - but seemingly with no connection.  If there's a family Lilholt connected to this farm, we don't know -- yet. [Ref: "TRAP DANMARK", 5th edition, volume X, 1; published by G.E.C. Gad's forlag, 1965]
  4. A farm in Skarve by Vejen (South of Jutland). This farm isn't there anymore - maybe it burned down? [Ref: "TRAP DANMARK", 5th edition, volume X, 1; published by G.E.C. Gad's forlag, 1965]

We don't think there is any family connection between all these locations, but some day we might find some connection -- maybe.

It seems reasonable that these would not be connected because the word "Lilholt" appears to come from "Lild - holt" meaning "a small forest", and this would be a common way to describe a place, so many people may have used it. [Ref: "Ordbog over Jydske Almuemål", volume 1 - (or  "Dictionary of Jutlandic Common People Dialect"), by H.F. Feilberg, published by Thieles Bogtrykkeri, Copenhagen, 1886-1893.]

"Lilholt" is said to be a common Danish place name, and 76 people in Denmark, at that time, used that name as a surname. [Ref: "Danske efternavne - betydning, oprindelse og udbredelse" (or "Danish family names - meaning, origin and spreading"), by Georg Søndergaard, published by "Lademanns forlag", date unknown but seems to be about 1970.]

When looking for the name "Lilholt", we have to remember that there are other possible spellings such as "Lilholdt" and "Lildholdt".


Family Tree Information

The complete family tree (so far as I know it) has been uploaded to the Internet.  It is stored on the RootsWeb computers in the area called WorldConnect.  This allows you to search for people by name and / or date quite easily, and it presents the information in a clear style.

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