About the Files that contain the Photos

These pictures were originally scanned (in colour or black and white) at 600 dpi and saved as BMP files with names like "p001.bmp". Very little (if any) changes were made to the pictures at that time (except for some cropping), so there were still parts of the pictures that were too dark or badly scratched. In the process of publishing the photos, they were cleaned up, despeckled, colour balanced, brightness / contrast adjusted and resized. Some of the artificial marks that may appear on faces or backgrounds are there because the pictures were much worse before and I tried to clean them up!

Each cleaned-up picture was saved as a JPG file (reduced to 600 pixels wide and saved with a high quality compression) for full-screen images (like "p001.jpg") and also as 100 pixel wide thumbnails (like "p001t.jpg"). These images are linked directly from these pages.

If you'd like a copy of any of these, feel free to download the full-sized JPG file.  If you'd like a copy of the original photo the way it was originally scanned in, just ask me for the BMP file from before I cleaned it up (you need to tell me the picture #).

Copyright Glen C. Bodie, 1999-2006
All rights reserved.