There is a lot of information in this Family Tree for which I never did any research of my own. I got it all from a number of different people who ought to be clearly recognized for their efforts. In almost every case, I took what they told me at face value and never tried to verify it through the source information. There's an obvious risk in that, but I'd still be in generation #3 if not for these people.

Throughout the Family Tree there are references to source information and you'll see these people included there. If you have any questions corrections or further information that relate to their areas of expertise, I hope that you'll take the time to inform me and inform them.

Surname(s) Contact
Brown Dave Hunter and his The Island Register web site
Coffin Fulton Samuel "Tiny" Underhay
Farquharson Dave Hunter and his The Island Register web site
Freeman Book: "Freeman Families of Nova Scotia and Their Descendants and Allied Families" by Viva E Freeman, published by Tustin, California: Freeman Family Trust, 1986.
Haddon Barbara Pederson
Mutch Dave Hunter and his The Island Register web site
Thornicroft Robert J Thornicroft
Tupper Book: "The Tupper Family in the United States and Canada 1631-1995 - One of the Ten Founding Families of Sandwich, Massachusetts" by Ralph Barclay Tupper Emerson, published by Tupper Family Association, 1995

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