Tux and Molly

Last Update: 27 January 2022

Actually Molly Narcisus Bodie-Lilholt on the left, and Tux Morpheus Bodie-Lilholt on the right. Molly is a fluffy 10-month old spayed female originally called Kirsten by the OSPCA. Tux is a skinny 1-year old spayed female. They had both been 'surrendered' to the OSPCA meaning their owners had brought them in for adoption. They are not from the same litter or household. Susan gave them to me for my birthday and we brought them home on Jan. 9, 2005 from the Newmarket OSPCA - a really excellent pet facility.
Here's a close-up of Molly hiding between the chair legs under the dining room table.
Tux is a real skinny 'Halloween' cat, sitting here on the desk helping me on the computer.
Tux, at the base of the stairs, considering whether to scramble up and attack me or not.
Molly, wondering why Tux just scrambled up the stairs.
OK, I confess, they get up on the bed sometimes. If we think it's the best place in the house for sleeping why would we expect them to think differently?
Molly is very helpful when I'm working on the computer. She watches the mouse moving on the screen but wonders why there's nothing there when she leaps at it. She's smart enough to look behind the computer in case the screen is just a window!
It's not a large basket, but there's room for two on the soft pillow.
Caught in the act! What are you hiding under that pillow?
Oh look! Molly has already become a useful member of the household. Here she is helping Susan pot a plant.
Now we know why we have all that furniture in the living room, nicely arranged so that the sun lands on it all day long.
Tux is a jungle cat at heart. Here she is lying in the jungle, dappled in sunlight, peeking out from the fronds of green.
And when Tux gets outside, she heads straight for the trees, leaping for the high ground. She hasn't got stuck up a tree ... yet.
Molly is a little more earth-bound, nibbling on the vegetation, lurking in the shrubbery.
Tux is more of a hunter, waiting for something interesting to carelessly wander by ... maybe a mouse?
Now that we've got new windows, the cats have their upstairs lookout over the street, always a nice sunny spot for sleeping.
Molly is ready for a good licking ... "Here, come a little closer, there's a spot I can't quite reach ... ahhhhhh"
What a pair!
Ok, we all know cats are secretive and they have a secret life and secret names. But ... what the heck are they talking about?
Molly likes to get up on top of the cabinets in the kitchen. She wanders around up there and keeps watch over everything that's going on.
Tux gets up there too - can't let Molly have all the fun!
Tux has found a place where it is warm, and there's a good view, and Molly can't sneak up on her.
Tux has a new favourite blanket to lie on even if Susan does kick her off at night. Today the sun is shining on it and life is purrrfect.
Molly is, of course, in charge of everything that goes on outside. She likes to sit in the sun in the upstairs bay windows and survey the street.
When it snows in Toronto, they are very patient, waiting for us to shovel off an area of the deck before venturing too far into the cold.
Tux's favourite, warm, sleeping (and surveillance) location.
Molly likes it a little softer than the top of a cable TV box.
Molly helping with the bathroom reno.
They're making sure that the drawers will fit everything that needs to go in there.
Molly finds a new hiding spot in the bathroom ... not her best choice.
Tux once again goes for the high ground.
Now in the basement reno, Molly is hunting leftover bits of plastic sheeting.
And Tux is providing oversight of the stair construction.
Somehow, we need to fit one more human in there.
We upgraded from a Queen to a King when we moved to Calgary. It comes with 2 cat bookends, apparently.
Tux loves to get out in the bush in the backyard.
Molly hunts snow balls. They appear quite innocent until another one goes skittling across the deck!
"You called?"
Maybe hockey is a more suitable sport in Calgary?
And now in Tsawwassen, Tux has her favourite place in the sun, on the bench, looking out over the front patio.
Molly still just wants a nice soft comforter to sleep on, no matter what city we're in.
A pair of Mallards landed in the pool so, of course, we let the cats out!
Tux started circling the pool and the ducks slowly slid across to the opposite side.
Molly thought she'd have a go at the ducks too but wasn't any luckier than Tux.
If only they'd decided to work as a team.
Always the hedonist, Tux, lying on the bench in the sun, surveying the front courtyard.
Lurking! Molly is just waiting for the unwrapping. Fortunately they have never really attacked the decorations on the tree.
There are comfy little cushions and faux sheep skin all over the house.
I know what Tux needs - a pair of shades.
Our Christmas bookends.
The cat magnetic is working well.

Molly passed away just after Christmas. We miss her terribly.
RIP Molly (13 Feb 2004 - 27 Dec 2021)


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