My Personal Checklist of Birds seen in this Region**

Latest update on 05 Jan 2023

Most photos below were taken on Birding trips
with the Delta Naturalist Casual Birding group.
Birds are only checked off if I have taken a decent photo of them.
Current status: ??? birds checked off.
There are ???? bird pictures below.
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  • List order and sighting info from the booklet "Seasonal Check List - Birds of Greater Vancouver" by Nature Vancouver.
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  • Key to Sighting info: Common (25+/day), Fairly common (5-25/day), Uncommon (0-5/day), Rare (1-10/year), Casual (not seen every year, out of range).
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** Region: Even though I'm using the Nature Vancouver bird list, I have been taking these pictures a little further afield than that. I include the whole Fraser Valley, down a bit into NW Washington State, Gulf Islands, Vancouver Island and even the odd trip into the mountains and the southern interior of BC. Sorry!

SpeciesWhen are they here?My images
Swans and Geese
Snow GooseCommon Oct-Apr
otherwise Casual
Greater White Fronted GooseFairly Common in Apr, Uncommon Oct-Mar
otherwise Casual
BrantCommon Mar-Apr, Fairly common Nov-Feb
otherwise Uncommon or Rare
Cackling GooseUncommon Sep-Apr
Canada GooseCommon all year
Mute Swan
Uncommon all year
Trumpeter SwanCommon Nov-Mar
otherwise Rare or Casual
Tundra SwanCommon Nov-Mar
Wood DuckCommon all year
Blue-winged TealFairly common May-Aug
Cinnamon TealFairly common Apr-Aug
otherwise Rare
Northern ShovelerCommon Mar-Apr and Sep-Nov, Fairly common Dec-Feb
otherwise Uncommon
GadwallCommon Apr-Oct, Fairly common Nov-Mar
Eurasian WigeonFairly common Oct-Ap
otherwise Rare or Casual
American WigeonCommon Oct-May, Fairly common Aug-Sep
otherwise Uncommon or Rare
MallardCommon all year
Northern PintailCommon Aug-May
otherwise Uncommon
Green-winged TealCommon Sep-Apr
otherwise Uncommon
CanvasbackFairly common Oct-Apr
otherwise Rare
RedheadRare all year
Ring-necked DuckUncommon Oct-May
otherwise Rare
Greater ScaupCommon Oct-Apr
otherwise Uncommon
Lesser ScaupCommon Oct-Apr
otherwise Uncommon
Harlequin DuckFairly common Oct-Apr
otherwise Uncommon
Surf ScoterCommon Oct-May
otherwise Fairly common
White-winged ScoterCommon Oct-May
otherwise Fairly common
Black ScoterFairly common Oct-Apr
otherwise Rare
Long-tailed DuckFairly common Oct-May
otherwise Rare
BuffleheadCommon Oct-May
otherwise Rare
Common GoldeneyeCommon Nov-Apr
otherwise Uncommon or Rare
Barrow's GoldeneyeCommon Oct-Apr
otherwise Uncommon or Rare
Hooded MerganserFairly common Sep-Apr
otherwise Uncommon
Common MerganserCommon Oct-Mar
otherwise Fairly common
Red-breasted MerganserCommon or Fairly common Sep-May
otherwise Casual
Ruddy DuckFairly common Oct-Apr
otherwise Rare
Pheasant and Grouse
Ring-necked Pheasant
Fairly common all year
Ruffed GrouseRare all year
Sooty GrouseFairly common all year
Loon, Grebe, Cormorant, Heron
Red-throated LoonFairly common Nov-Mar
otherwise Uncommon or Rare
Pacific LoonCommon or Fairly common Apr-May and Oct-Nov
otherwise Uncommon or Rare
Common LoonCommon Sep-May
otherwise Fairly common or Uncommon
Yellow-billed LoonRare Oct-Apr
Pied-billed GrebeFairly common all year
Horned GrebeCommon Sep-May
otherwise Rare
Red-necked GrebeCommon Aug-Sep, Fairly common Oct-Apr
otherwise Rare
Eared GrebeRare Sep-Apr
otherwise Casual
Western GrebeCommon Sep-May
otherwise Fairly common
Clark's GrebeRare Oct-Apr
Brandt's CormorantUncommon Sep-May
otherwise Casual
Double-crested CormorantCommon Aug-May
otherwise Fairly common
Pelagic CormorantFairly common all year
American White PelicanRare, Casual, Accidental
Brown PelicanRare Jul-Oct
American BitternUncommon all year
Great Blue HeronCommon all year
Great EgretRare May and Aug-Oct
otherwise Casual
Cattle EgretRare Nov-Dec
otherwise Casual or Accidental
Green HeronUncommon Aug-Sep
otherwise Rare or Casual
Black-crowned Night HeronRare Aug-Apr
otherwise Casual
Pigeon, Dove
Rock Dove (Feral Pigeon)
Common all year
Band-tailed PigeonFairly commony Apr-Oct
otherwise Uncommon
Eurasian Collared Dove
Fairly common all year
Mourning DoveUncommon all year
Vulture, Eagle, Hawk
Turkey VultureUncommon Apr-Oct
otherwise Rare or Casual
OspreyUncommon Apr-Sep
otherwise Rare or Casual
Golden EagleRare all year
Northern Harrier
(Marsh Hawk)
Common Oct-Apr
otherwise Fairly common or Uncommon
Sharp-shinned HawkUncommon Sep-Apr
otherwise Rare or Casual
Cooper's HawkUncommon all year
Northern GoshawkRare Oct-Mar
otherwise Casual
Bald EagleCommon Nov-Apr
otherwise Fairly common or Uncommon
Red-tailed HawkCommon Oct-Apr
otherwise Fairly common
Rough-legged HawkUncommon Oct-Apr
otherwise Casual or Accidental
Virginia RailFairly common all year
SoraUncommon Apr-Sep
otherwise Rare or Casual
American CootCommon Oct-Apr
otherwise Fairly common or Uncommon
Sandhill CraneFairly common Sep-Oct
otherwise Uncommon
Black-bellied PloverCommon Aug-May
otherwise Uncommon
American Golden PloverUncommon Apr-May or Aug-Sep
otherwise Casual
Pacific Golden PloverRare Apr-May and Sep-Oct
otherwise Casual
Semipalmated PloverFairly common May and Aug
otherwise Rare or Casual
KilldeerCommon Mar-Oct
otherwise Fairly common
Black OystercatcherUncommon all year
American AvocetRare all year
Spotted SandpiperFairly common May-Sep
otherwise Rare
Solitary SandpiperRare May and Jul-Sep
Wandering TattlerRare Aug-Sep
Greater YellowlegsCommon Apr-May and Jul-Oct
otherwise Uncommon or Rare
WilletRare Aug-Apr
otherwise Casual
Lesser YellowlegsCommon Aug-Sep
otherwise Uncommon, Rare or Casual
WhimbrelFairly common Apr-May, Uncommon Jul-Aug
otherwise Rare or Casual
Long-billed CurlewRare Apr-May and Aug-Sep
otherwise Casual
Hudsonian GodwitRare Sep
otherwise Casual
Bar-tailed GodwitRare Sep
otherwise Casual or Accidental
Marbled GodwitUncommon May
otherwise Rare or Casual
Ruddy TurnstoneRare May and Aug-Sep
otherwise Casual
Black TurnstoneFairly common Aug-Apr
SurfbirdFairly common Aug-Apr
Red KnotUncommon May and Aug-Sep
otherwise Rare or Casual
SanderlingCommon Sep-Apr,Fairly common Aug & May, otherwise Uncommon, Rare or Casual
Semipalmated SandpiperFairly common Jul-Sep, Rare May
Western SandpiperCommon Apr-May and Jul-Oct
otherwise Uncommon or Rare
Least SandpiperCommon Apr-May and Jul-Sep
otherwise Uncommon or Rare
Baird's SandpiperFairly common Aug, Rare May & Jul & Sep-Oct
Pectoral SandpiperCommon Sep-Oct, Fairly common Aug
otherwise Uncommon or Rare
Sharp-tailed SandpiperUncommon Oct, Rare Sep and Nov
Rock SandpiperRare Oct-Apr
DunlinCommon Oct-May, Rare Jun-Sep
Stilt SandpiperUncommon Aug-Sep
otherwise Rare or Casual
Buff-breasted SandpiperRare Aug-Sep
Rare Aug-Oct
Short-billed DowitcherCommon Apr-May, Uncommon or Rare Jun-Oct
Long-billed DowitcherCommon Aug-Oct, Fairly common Nov and Apr-May
otherwise Uncommon or Rare
Wilson's SnipeFairly common Oct-Mar
otherwise Uncommon
Wilson's PhalaropeUncommon or Rare May-Sep
Red-necked PhalaropeUncommon or Rare Jul-Oct
Gulls, Terns, Murres
Sabine's GullRare or Accidental May-Jun or Sep-Oct
Bonapart's GullCommon Apr-May and Aug-Nov
otherwise Uncommon or Rare
Franklin's GullRare Aug-Oct
otherwise Casual
Heermann's GullRare Aug-Oct
otherwise Casual or Accidental
Mew GullCommon Sep-May
otherwise Uncommon
Ring-billed GullCommon May-Oct
otherwise Fairly common
Western GullRare Oct-Apr
otherwise Casual
California GullCommon Apr-Oct
otherwise Uncommon
Herring GullUncommon Sep-Mar
otherwise Rare or Casual
Thayer's GullCommon Oct-Apr
otherwise Casual
Glaucous-winged GullCommon all year
Glaucous GullRare Nov-Mar
Caspian TernCommon or Fairly common May-Sep
Common TernFairly common May and Aug-Sep
Pomarine JaegerRare Sep-Oct
otherwise Accidental
Parasitic JaegerUncommon Aug-Sep
otherwise Accidental
Common MurreFairly common Sep-May
otherwise Uncommon
Pigeon GuillemotFairly common Mar-Oct
otherwise Uncommon
Marbled MurreletUncommon all year
Ancient MurreletUncommon Oct-Nov
otherwise Rare
Rhinoceros AukletFairly common Jun-Sep
otherwise Rare or Casual
Barn OwlUncommon all year
Western Screech OwlRare all year
Great Horned OwlUncommon all year
Snowy OwlUncommon Nov-Mar
Northern Pigmy OwlRare all year
Barred OwlUncommon all year
Long-eared OwlRare all year
Short-eared OwlFairly common Oct-Apr
otherwise Rare
Northern Saw-whet OwlUncommon Sep-Mar
otherwise Rare
Swifts and Hummers
Common NighthawkUncommon Jun-Aug, Rare May and Sep
Black SwiftFairly common Jun-Aug, Rare May and Sep
Vaux's SwiftFairly common May-Sep
Anna's HummingbirdUncommon all year
Rufous HummingbirdCommon Apr-May, Fairly common Jun-Aug, Rare Mar and Sep
Calliope HummingbirdRare May
otherwise Casual
Kingfisher and Woodpeckers
Belted KingfisherUncommon all year
Lewis' WoodpeckerRare May and Sep-Oct
Red-naped SapsuckerRare Apr-May
Red-breasted SapsuckerUncommon all year
Downy WoodpeckerFairly common all year
Hairy WoodpeckerUncommon all year
Northern FlickerFairly common all year
Pileated WoodpeckerUncommon all year
American KestrelUncommon Apr and Sep-Oct
otherwise Rare
MerlinUncommon Aug-Apr
otherwise Rare
GyrfalconRare Nov-Mar
Peregrine FalconUncommon Aug-May
otherwise Rare
Flycatcher, Kingbird, Vireo
Olive-sided FlycatcherUncommon Jun-Aug
otherwise Rare or Casual
Western Wood-PeeweeFairly common May and Aug, Uncommon Jun-Jul
Willow FlycatcherFairly common Jun-Aug
Least FlycatcherRare Jun
Hammond's FlycatcherFairly common May-Aug, Rare Apr and Sep
Dusky FlycatcherRare May
Pacific-slope FlycatcherFairly common May-Aug, Uncommon or Rare Apr and Sep
Say's PhoebeRare Apr and Aug
Ash-throated Flycatcher Rare Sep
otherwise Casual or Accidental
Western KingbirdRare May-Aug
Eastern KingbirdUncommon May-Sep
Northern ShrikeUncommon Oct-Mar
Cassin's VireoUncommon May-Aug
Hutton's VireoUncommon all year
Warbling VireoFairly common May-Aug
Red-eyed VireoFairly common Jun-Aug
Jays and Crows
Gray Jay (Whiskey Jack)Uncommon all year
Steller's JayFairly common all year
Blue JayRare Oct-Apr
Northwestern CrowCommon all year
Common RavenUncommon all year
Larks and Swallows
Horned LarkRare Mar-Apr or Sep-Oct
Northern Rough-winged SwallowFairly common Apr-Aug
Purple MartinUncommon May-Aug
Tree SwallowCommon Mar-Aug
Violet-green SwallowCommon Apr-Jul, Fairly common or Uncommon Mar and Aug
Bank SwallowFairly common Aug-Sep
otherwise Rare or Casual
Barn SwallowCommon May-Sep, Rare Apr and Oct-Nov
Cliff SwallowCommon May-Jul, Fairly common Apr and Aug-Sep
Little guys
Black-capped ChickadeeCommon all year
Mountain ChickadeeRare Oct-Apr
Chestnut-backed ChickadeeCommon all year
BushtitCommon all year
Red-breasted NuthatchUncommon all year
Brown CreeperUncommon all year
House WrenRare May-Sep
Pacific Wren
(Winter Wren)
Common all year
Marsh WrenFairly common all year
Bewick's WrenUncommon all year
American DipperRare all year
Golden-crowned KingletCommon all year
Ruby-crowned KingletFairly common Apr and Sep-Oct
otherwise Uncommon or Rare
Thrush and Similar
Mountain BluebirdUncommon Apr, Rare Oct
otherwise Casual
Townsend's SolitaireUncommon Apr, Rare Sep-May
otherwise Casual
Swainson's ThrushCommon Jun-Aug
otherwise Uncommon, Rare or Casual
Hermit ThrushCommon Jun-Sep, Fairly common May & Oct
otherwise Rare
American RobinCommon all year
Varied ThrushCommon Mar-Oct, Fairly common Nov-Feb
Gray CatbirdUncommon or Rare May-Sep
Northern MockingbirdRare all year
European Starling
Common all year
American PipitCommon Apr-May and Sep-Oct
otherwise Uncommon or Rare
Bohemian WaxwingRare Nov-Apr
otherwise Casual
Cedar WaxwingCommon Jun-Nov, Uncommon Dec-Jan
otherwise Rare
Lapland LongspurUncommon Sep-Oct, Rare Nov-Apr
Snow BuntingUncommon Nov-Mar
otherwise Rare or Casual
Northern WaterthrushRare Sep, Casual May, Aug and Dec
Warblers and Sparrows
Orange-crowned WarblerCommon Apr-Sep
otherwise Rare
Nashville WarblerRare Apr-May or Aug-Sep
MacGillivray's WarblerFairly common May-Aug
Common YellowthroatCommon May-Sep, Casual Nov-Mar
American RedstartRare May-Sep
Yellow WarblerFairly common May-Sep, Rare Apr and Oct
Palm WarblerRare Oct-Nov
Yellow-rumped WarblerCommon Apr-May and Sep-Oct
otherwise Uncommon
Black-throated Gray WarblerFairly common May-Sep
Townsend's WarblerCommon May-Sep
otherwise Rare or Casual
Wilson's WarblerCommon or Faily common May-Sep
otherwise Rare or Casual
Spotted TowheeCommon all year
American Tree SparrowRare Nov-Apr
Chipping SparrowRare May and Sep
Clay-colored SparrowCasual or Accidental all year except Mar-May and Nov
Vesper SparrowRare Apr-May or Sep-Oct
Savannah SparrowCommon Apr-Oct
otherwise Uncommon or Rare
Fox SparrowCommon Oct-Apr
otherwise Uncommon
Song SparrowCommon all year
Lincoln's SparrowCommon Sep, Fairly common Apr-May, Uncommon Oct-Mar
otherwise Casual
White-throated SparrowRare Oct-Apr
Harris' SparrowRare Oct-May
Swamp SparrowRare Oct-Apr
White-crowned SparrowCommon all year
Golden-crowned SparrowCommon Oct-May
otherwise Rare
House Sparrow
Common all year
Dark-eyed JuncoCommon all year
Finch, Tanager, Oriole, Blackbird
Western TanagerMainly May-Sep
Black-headed GrosbeakFairly common May-Aug
otherwise Rare or Casual
Lazuli BuntingUncommon Jun-Aug
Red-winged BlackbirdCommon all year
Western MeadowlarkUncommon Oct-Apr
otherwise Rare
Yellow-headed BlackbirdUncommon Apr-Sep
otherwise Rare
Rusty BlackbirdRare Oct-Nov
otherwise Casual
Brewer's BlackbirdCommon all year
Brown-headed CowbirdCommon Apr-Sep
otherwise Uncommon
Bullock's OrioleUncommon May-Aug, Rare Sep
Gray-crowned Rosy FinchRare Oct-Mar
otherwise Casual
Pine GrosbeakRare Nov-Mar
Purple FinchFairly common all year
House FinchCommon all year
Red CrossbillFairly common all year
White-winged CrossbillRare all year
Common RedpollRare Oct-Apr
Pine SiskinCommon all year
American GoldfinchCommon May-Oct
otherwise Fairly common
Evening GrosbeakFairly common all year
Casuals, Accidentals, Extirpated, Undocumented
California QuailUnknown
Summer TanagerAccidental
Indian PeaFowl
Mandarin Duck
Eurasian (Common) TealUncommon, out of range
Out of Range
Northern Hawk OwlUncommon, out of range
Cape May WarblerUncommon, out of range
California Scrub-jayUncommon, out of range
Yellow-breasted ChatUncommon, out of range
Burrowing OwlUncommon, out of range
Western BluebirdCommon, out of range
Pygmy NuthatchCommon, out of range
Clark's NutcrackerCommon, out of range

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